What The World’s Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meal Tastes Like

– Hey, it's Rachel, and I'm in King's Cross in Central London. Most people, when they think
of Michelin-starred food, they think of white
tablecloths, haute cuisine, high prices, but this
doesn't have to be the case. I'm here because Hawker Chan has come over from Singapore for three days only. He is a Michelin-star chef,
and he's the first chef to get a Michelin star for street food. We're here to try Hawker
Chan's char siew pork, which is sticky pork served with rice.

It's gonna cost just £6. So we're going to see why it's so amazing and why it got a Michelin star. – Chef Chan started as
a hawker in Singapore. Hawker centers are open-air collections of inexpensive street food stands beloved in Singapore, Malaysia,
Indonesia, and beyond. There is a super long
queue here for people wanting to try this really famous dish. I've got my token, and
I'm excited to try it. – Well, I was here from about 10 o'clock, so I queued an hour and
a half, but the queue is ridiculous, so it
must be popular, right? – We waited for. – About an hour. – An hour, an hour and a half. – Hawker Chan was here
last year, and he made his soy sauce chicken, so we were like, we gotta try it again
'cause that was incredible. – Yeah, we loved it, so
we came back, basically. – It's really good.
– So good. – It's really good.

– Really good. – I don't usually eat a
lot of pork, I would say. But this is really good. – I'm actually on exchange from Singapore. And so I actually really miss Asian food, and so I came here today to try some of my hometown favorites,
which is the char siew rice, and it's really wonderful. Yeah, it's really awesome. I've had this in Singapore as well, but it's just nice having home-cooked food all the way in London. I was here since about 10:30,
and the queue was insane. So I'm actually pretty lucky
I came a little bit earlier, and I think it's a typical Singapore thing to come a bit earlier
too, queue for good food. – It's definitely worth the wait. – It tastes different
than the conventional, typical char siew rice. Rachel: Before eating
the famous dish, I wanted to ask Hawker Chan where it originated. – Hi! Thank you. – Thank you. – I've got my Michelin-star
street food right here. I've got a good amount of rice, which came with some sauce on, cucumber, the all-important sticky
sauce, meat's tender.

You do not need a knife. Oh, my God. How is that so good? Oh, wow. Oh, wow. Oh, my God, that's amazing. The pork has this incredible
caramelized crispiness, and but then it's so
juicy, it's not fatty. Sometimes the fatty texture's horrible, but it's not fatty at all. The meat is just cooked to perfection. I think it's this sauce
underneath, which totally makes it. It's sweet and umami and so flavorsome. The rice is sticky as well
already without the sauce.

– This actually isn't the first time I'm eating Hawker Chan's food. I've been to his original
store in Singapore where I had his sticky chicken with the same rice and the same sauce. It's actually about half
the price over there than it's being sold for
here, but you know what? I think the pork's
better, and I very rarely choose pork over chicken. It's so good and just has
that incredible juicy texture, which you don't always get with chicken. I'm a fan. I have finished my pork and
it was so, so delicious. Totally worthy of a Michelin star. And actually, I think it's
lovely that street food can get recognized for how good it is..

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What The World's Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meal Tastes Like

Singapore chef Hawker Chan is the only chef in the world to get a Michelin star for street food. We tried the chef's char siew pork, which is sticky pork served with rice, during a three-day event in King's Cross, in Central London. The meal cost £6 ($7.95).

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What The World's Cheapest Michelin-Starred Meal Tastes Like