[Music] Good morning guys, it's another day in the beautiful city of Rome – Italy, "Yes, there are people walking behind me" Anyway today I wanted to do a video of what I eat in the day with my son in Rome – Italy. To show you what we were eating and how things have been going up until now so usually, we don't eat any breakfast because we're lazy so it's 11:00 or 11:30 now and we're going to lunch so we're going to a coffee shop now and I'll show you guys what I'm going to eat there We're at the coffee shop now and this place `Rosciolo caffe this place is called a piece of heaven, just look at this I start my day with coffee, I have a latte here I wanted a latte with espresso this sets the mood yeah that sets the mood and then I really took a bite, look at this [Italian croissant] it's a little different guys Look how tender and delicious this is. "I'll have this" [smoked salmon] "smoked salmon?" Yes, smoked salmon It's what my mom's going to eat Take a bite, show us "I should" This is my sandwich Look at it Caprese sandwich It's so delicious Wow look that I had to say when you're in Rome you should try this one The eggplant and burrata sandwich This is really really delicious guys come here when you come to Rome Try Roscioli Cafe I'll put the link in the description for those who are interested Delicious This is the Italian feel We are in an alley, there are church bells and we eat sandwiches and drink coffee Take A bite of this “Hmmm, there’s an apple in the middle” “Really? Let’s see it” “Oh my gosh, that's cool” So my husband enjoyed this.

It crumbles but I'll show you a clip of it But look what we found, there's a custard inside hmmm The real Italian feel [I'm a foodie, no I can forbid myself] It's very good, really very good and also I got one of these, I think it's Pasta Flora I make a lot of it when I'm at home, I love pasta Flora bread I was right Pasta Flora I knew it was a sweet pie crust and from Then there's a really good raspberry jam inside , so pretty And there's a nice puff of cream here.

It's good, not as sweet as the other more sweetened ones, but this one is really good and you can't go to Italian without eating the cannoli. The cannoli is great, exceptional I don't know what this is, it looks like a pistachio croissant [pistachio croissant] It looks like If it's stuffed with something but I don't know there's almonds and pistachios in the middle there it's dreadlocks how nice I'm so happy now I'm using my coffee as a carrier so I 'm going to stop taping to have some coffee We got him a banana to eat Cereal had oats for breakfast Remember the cereal that You saw me packing it, he had it for breakfast and now we're going to give him a banana after the street food we ate He ate some of the pastries we ate, only bread because of the lactose We're in the market now, we ate the freshest, the delicious cheese and the spicy foods That's so excited I decided to have a Some fruits it's a fruit salad problem How does it taste? Hmm, it's so delicious.

"Health." We're about to get some gelato from this place. We're in the place. Pistachio Gelato bars. This is the gelato I got, the Peanut and Hazelnut gelato is a big size, and Solomon is right here eating some of the pasta we just bought. What he eats now, Suleiman always loves pasta, God willing, and Mama enjoys chocolate and milk gelato. “In the name of God.” It tastes great. Well, the pistachios are really good. You should taste it. It tastes like baklava. Oh, really, yes, it is really good. We had gelato and we are now Take a walk, look at the streets guys, can you see? Very Italian, everyone is holding gelato while walking because this time of day it's hot the temperature indicator says it's 25 degrees but it looks like it's 35, it's very hot thank God but you can see I'm sweating but it was a nice day and now we're going to go look About something called arancini but I think it's fried rice balls Now we're here to get fried rice balls and I'm going to have the tomato and basil specials The name of the place inside is Supplizio, where we're for rice balls The menu is street food only I guess, I ordered Coca-Cola because cola is much better in a bottle than in a can if you agree with me tell me in the comments yes much better Joseph and I will share this.

I don't fully experience Coke myself. I usually don't like to drink soda, but on holidays I make exceptions "He takes his foot for lunch" He just keeps putting it in his mouth We give him some water because we want him to stay hydrated It 's easy to get dehydrated on flights So make sure you serve water regularly, I find This is useful with my son. We don't bring him drinks when we're out. We just make sure we give him as much water as possible.

So, this is like a traditional Italian dish. Look, so we're going to share with him these rice balls with tomatoes and ketchup, and these are with potatoes, especially ketchup, and there's no meat in them so they're Completely vegan. "Picture this." Yeah, Arna Wow, those cheese balls look great. Take a bite and show us Hmmm, yummy I 'll try this a little bit like this cheese~ Hmm oh my god it has salad, fries, fresh greens. And it tastes very good, really good onion and this is a frite, it took a bite of it hmmm, you should try it and now we will try this one which one is this? Casio Baby Look guys I hope you can see what I'm trying to show you Do you see rice? Because this is a spicy fried stuffed rice ball, this is a tomato sauce, try it, it's really good . Sicilian rice balls stuffed with meat or peas] Risotto has soup I think it didn't turn into Sookie This is my favorite We brought his pasta and he's eating it now it's too much for him so he eats it in portions Look at the messy pasta on his mouth Is it delicious Solomon? You can't dislike pasta hey guys it's been a while since our last meal which was rice balls and now we're out and about to eat more romanian food I think this is a pizzeria, but they also serve other things like veal parmesan And stuff like that so I'm going to show you what I'm going to order here and Solomon is also ready to eat Glory He didn't finish the pasta I showed you He's been eating it all day And he finished it now Look at that giant Coke bottle I've never seen a giant Coke bottle It's 1 liter Regular cola this tall, this is really gigantic.

I have spaghetti and pasta and he has fettuccine with some olive oil and bread and my mum got mushroom pasta let's start now Hmmm wow it's like creamy pasta I don't know how but it's creamy and delicious this video turns into The show eating and this guy got some bread and he's going to eat some pasta now look at him eating pasta come on Solomon, come on look at him eating pasta it's very good yeah this is a spicy tomato sandwich you enjoy this? Yes, he enjoys it . We ordered roasted chicken for the table, kosher roasted chicken. He is very good. It smells so good it smells like bliss like rosemary I don't know it just smells really good and now I'm going to eat this and my husband ordered some mush that's very romanian I'm going to eat a little of that browned chicken I'm already full of those creamy pasta It was very good, but very creamy I'll start Now I remember now it's creamy because it has cheese so I'll start now over there we go Roasted chicken Hmm, all he needs is this one say yes and it would be perfect We have some tiramisu Can you see it there? Are you ready? Yes really good This is so perfect It's so tender Perfect "It's perfect dessert" Wow, incredible, I can't believe how light it is.

Like the air so good you have the coffee, the delicious whipped cream, the custard and the mixture are all perfect, it melts in your mouth no more food for him tonight, he fell asleep after eating pasta Good night Solomon, I love you it's the next day I'm going to finish a video of what to eat for the day so If you like the video, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe for more videos, I update every Friday and Tuesday until then, see you next time.

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An in depth look at what we had while travelling Rome, Italy. I'll show you one of the top cafes, and many restaurants mentioned across lists (are they actually any good?) Watch and find out. Hint: yes!

This is what we ate in rome italy (mom & baby edition - because who doesn't worry about what their kids will eat while on holiday?) Add to that the halal factor. Watch as I take you through a halal italy street food tour and get some ideas for your upcoming trip.

We started the day off right with none other than coffee and pastries. Even though technically it was lunch, haha. Roscioli cafe was a great spot. A top cafe in Rome and for a damn good reason! The pastries were phenomenal. As you can see in the video, we had the croissant and its variations as well as lunch sandwiches and tasty desserts. My favourite was the eggplant and burrata sandwich and the pistachio/almond braided croissant from there. If you go, be sure to try them out 🙂

Roscioli Caffe:

A really great spot we visited was the market place. Market at Piazza Campo de'Fiori. This was a really cool market and where we ended up shopping for local spices and mixes to bring home for family, friends and ourselves. My mom also chose to get a fruit cup here and it was so much better than what I've ever had in Canada. We had a long winter and a poor spring and so our fruit didn't come out well this year and imported fruits don't taste as great.

The next place we hit up was gelato. When in Rome. This gelato spot was amazing. It's called, Gelateria Dei Gracchi. It was probably amongst the best I had in Italy. I chose the pistachio and hazelnut flavours and they were so good! I can't get over how good they were. Definitely try this place, it's a great area for really delicious italian food in general. On the topic of halal, ask the server which flavours are alcohol free. They are actually incredibly accommodating and very honest. I was going to order a fruit variation and she was the one who told me it wasn't halal. Love people like that alhamdulillah.

Gelateria Dei Gracchi:

The next spot was a Suppli spot called, Supplizio. It was the spot for Suppli and I believe mentioned on the Eater list. Definitely a spot worth visiting. I loved how the owner was the one doing it all. He was also very kind and accommodating with us. They served everything on biodegradable plates and with cutlery that was also biodegradable.


Then we needed a break from the food, because italian food is heavy and very filling. So later that night we went for a must when in Italy, pasta!

The place was in our neighbourhood of the airbnb we stayed at. It was called, Osteria Romana La Foglietta. It doesn't have a website. It's just a local hotspot for pasta and other traditional Roman food like, Tripe, cockerel and more.

We went to all of these places with a very active toddler (17 months old). He also enjoyed all the same foods we enjoyed with some modifications for his special diet. My son, Suleiman, has a dairy sensitivity. Originally it was a severe allergy, but he seems to be slowly outgrowing it. So now the dietitian has allowed for him to have it baked into foods (like butter in a croissant) or milk powder in other pastries. Still can't have raw or cooked milk or cheese. If you have a dairy allergy in Rome, simply ask for vegan options. They do have them and will happily modify meals.

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