Where to find halal food in Guangzhou,China.

ladies and gentlemen today i'll show you why you will enjoy muslim 
food in guangzhou this place called hangshi   dangloo which is near sha belu in this place you 
will find several good muslim turkish restaurant   i tried almost every muslim restaurant in 
that area but personally i like shami house   this restaurant called shami house today 
is very rash because of canton fair they serve hundred plus items and 
their food test is really good if you don't want buffett you can order separately the restaurant food reviews is 4.2 please don't forget to subscribe for 
more video in future thank you very much

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Where to find halal food in Guangzhou,China.

Where to find halal food in Guangzhou, China.

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List of names:
1. Sultan Turkish Restaurant
2. Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant (Address: 304 Zhaoqing Building, Huanshi Zhong Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou)
3. Guangzhou Shami House
4. SABA Restaurant
5. Antalya Turkish Restaurant
6. Mado (for dessert items