White Guy Orders Takeout in Perfect Chinese, THIS happened…

– (speaking foreign language),
what's going on everybody? It's Xiaoma, and guys,
all the people ask me, "Hey Xiaoma, what is it like to get like, Chinese takeout in Chinese?" Just like, typical
everyday Chinese takeout. We're just gonna go in
some typical American-style Chinese takeout restaurants, and go get some food in Chinese, and see what kind of an
experience that is like. So, yeah. If you guys like this video,
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Let's go get some food! (claps) Come on! Almost all of the Chinese
takeout restaurants in the United States are run by people from one particular province
from China called Fuzhou. Most people coming from this province speak a Chinese language
called Fuzhounese, so today, we're gonna be talking to them in a mixture of Mandarin and Fuzhounese. – [Server] Hi.
– [Xiaoma] Hello, hello! Oh, you guys are cash only? – [Server] Only cash.
– [Xiaoma] Okay! Do you have any recommendations
for what's good? Oh, is that friend chicken, too? – Yes.
– Oh! Oh, Okay. (upbeat music and distant chatter) – Hey! I'm sorry.
– Oh, no problem. I just wanna take a
look first at the lunch. Do you have any recommendations
for what's good? I don't know, do you
have any recommendations? – I don't know which one you like. – [Xiaoma] Okay, okay. Oh, yeah yeah yeah!
– Yeah.

– Okay, okay. Hello. Hi, how are you? Do you have a menu? Oh, I see, I see. Okay. Do you have lunch specials? – Combination.
– Oh, combination? Okay. Oh, the special combos? (crickets chirping) Oh, I see, I see, I see. – Huh? (soft upbeat music).

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White Guy Orders Takeout in Perfect Chinese, THIS happened…

The other day I went into a bunch of typical American Chinese takeout restaurants as an ordinary but kinda clueless white guy and ordered food in fluent Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Fuzhounese). Most American Chinese takeout restaurants like this are run by people from China’s Fujian province, so it was fun for them to hear me speak their native but fairly rare language of Fuzhounese!

It was a really fun prank and social experiment to see Chinese people’s reactions — both the waiters and the other patrons in these NYC Chinatown restaurants were totally shocked! Thanks everyone for supporting me on my language learning journey!!!

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