White Guy Shocks Nigerians by Speaking African Language

And where are all these clothes from? Nigeria Nigeria? Do you speak Yoruba? Yes I do What the heck…? So this month I've been spending some time learning Yoruba Which is one of the over 500 languages spoken in Nigeria Africas most populous country I was interested in Yoruba because as a strictly tonal language Yoruba being pronounced Yo Ru Ba It's an amazing challenge to learn to speak And it reminds me a lot of Mandarin Chinese Then I decided to go and find some Nigerians to practice with And we had a good time Wow, this is so cool Do you have mens clothes too? Yes These are men right here Yeah, I was just passing by and the store looked really cool Yes, these are mens Wow, look at these And where are all these clothes from? Nigeria Nigeria? Do you speak Yoruba? Yes I do What the heck…? Yeah, I do speak some Yoruba And you? Yeah, we speak Yoruba How you guys doing? Good, good To be honest my Yoruba isn't great Because he's Igbo I'm Igbo I don't speak that But ok, yeah! I do like…

Man I need to make a video man! Me too! Good afternoon [traditional Yoruba greeting] Where are you from? I'm American Oh American? But I do want to go to Nigeria When? Maybe like next week You try you try you try! I've never seen anything like this I can't believe it You took the time to learn it Do you have a Yoruba name? No You don't Give me one! He can speak more than me! Your new Yoruba name is…"God Loves Me" God loves me I like that name This is nice, nice to meet you my brother Nice to meet you too You make me so proud now man Yes yes yes! Thank you I love learning languages I do actually want to get some clothes! For you? For me, yeah How do you say "shirt" in Yoruba? This one's nice It's nice, but… How many do you want? How many do you want? One Ok, so take this one How much? For this one… 45 Take it, it's a good price Will you take it for $30?
* mispronounces $30 $30…? What? $30? What is that? 30? That's 20 40 What's 30? Ok, I'm pronouncing this right What do you think about this one? I like it I like it, but…

I like this one more Yeah this one is good Oh wow! This is good Good? Lets get it [On the phone] Here's a white boy speaking Yoruba man… Just a bit! Actually you speak pretty well! Thanks! $30? Go to Nigeria, man! You understand Nigerian and you're bargaining already Ok fine fine fine 40 When you get there, you'll be… Ok 40 I can do 40? Ok Your wife is Nigerian? No no no So where did the Nigerian thing come from? You know what… Something peak your interest? I like learning languages Everybody learns Spanish everybody learns French But how many people in America Learn Yoruba or know anything about the culture? People don't look in some places And there is treasure there I think so, I totally agree Thanks again Goodbye, "God Loves Me"! Oh, it smells good in here Smells really good in here Hello How are you? How are you doing? Good thanks Just wanted to get some Nigerian food…

Who teach you that? I'm learning Yoruba But I haven't tried Nigerian food yet What are you looking for? What do I want? Well I don't know… What do you recommend? What's good? Well we have a lot of different things Everything's good? Well what do you personally like? Personally I like ẹ̀bà ẹ̀bà… Like the cassava ball? Exactly And how do you make that? This is the white cassava flour And this is the yellow cassava flour And what's that? Fish Smoked fish Smoked fish Smoked chicken I do like chicken You could have it like a rotisserie Just warm it up in the microwave Really? Do this, soak it in the water This one warm it up And have your fish with it Alright, lets do it You want all of that Yeah! Let me get a small one Why a small one? Isn't Nigerian food really spicy? It depends I heard it was spicy No no, it depends on you There are a lot of people from Nigeria, who live in Nigeria And are Nigerian who don't like spicy And where are the good Nigerian restaurants? There is a good Nigerian restaurant on Hendrix…

If you want to enjoy it more Yeah I do Get a Nigerian girlfriend Why are you laughing Well, I already have a wife Anyway, thanks Thank you very much! Goodbye! We got this fish How much in total? How much in total? You speak Yoruba? You speak Yoruba? Yeah, I can speak a bit! I'm still learning… I don't speak Yoruba Oh you don't? Ok Have you ever had Nigerian food before Dave? Nope, never had Nigerian food First time Actually it's going to be my first time too Hi What's good here? Any recommendations? Everything's good Can I get the eba [cassava ball]? And…egusi soup Do you want it with goat? Yeah I love goat So who taught you Yoruba? You Nigerian? Nigerian? No no no You Nigerian? It's very wonderful Thanks! So which food…

"Food"! Which food do you like? Oh my god me? Yeah yeah yeah Ok, everything on the menu I love You know this is my first time trying Nigerian food Oh my god First time honestly So we're going to try it today We're really excited So you have the goat… Right The eba And the egusi The egusi You guys have palm wine? [traditional Nigerian drink] Yes! We have it You're cracking me up I've wanted to try this I heard about it but I've never tried it Well you'll get to try it today Real palm wine! It's actually really sweet it taste like…

It tastes like sprite but it's really refreshing Just get a small lump Like this? That's to small Too small? Bigger? Yeah Have a taste of everything, you got that Alright Here we go First time trying Nigerian food guys So good! Oh my god I love it You like it? Thank you very much!.

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White Guy Shocks Nigerians by Speaking African Language

Sign up for free: https://cen.yt/mbxiaomanyc and become smarter in 5 minutes – thanks to Morning Brew for sponsoring today’s video! So this month I’ve been spending some time learning Yoruba, just one of the over 500 languages spoken in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. I was interested in Yoruba because as a strictly tonal language, Yoruba being pronounced Yorùbá, it’s an amazing challenge to learn to speak and it reminds me a lot of Mandarin Chinese. Then I decided to go and find some Nigerians to practice with and…we had a good time! People were really surprised when I started speaking Yoruba, one of the biggest African languages, with them. Finally I tried Nigerian food for the first time and it was incredible. Next time, we’ll do this in Nigeria!

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