Why don’t Sikhs eat Halal meat?

Because Guru Sahib said so. How much? Why a Sikh shouldn't smoke? Because GuruSahib said so. Everything you should do is whatever the Guru says Sikhi is just what Guru says, that's it. Gursikhi is a Guru's religion. We follow the Guru. So Maharaj says Bhai Sahib was doing Hukumnama and they read out the shabad: What does Maharaj say next ? Maharaj says: They say when I woke up on this path: o my friend, When I walk on the path of the Guru it's called Panth.

Panth is a path. Do you want to walk on this path? Do what the Guru says to do. Do this first Do what the guru says. Never ever touch halal meat, stay away from it. This is not some joke, This is a major sin. For a Sikh to eat halal meat is a Major sin. Guru Sahib never allows it at all It's the biggest no no. One of the biggest no no alongside smoking for a Sikh Amritdhari or not. we cannot go into any establishment that serves halal meat. If you go into a restaurant which is serving a halal meat, don't eat there. If you want to eat in a restaurant, eat in one which is either vegetarian or doesn't serve halal meat. Don't go near halal meat whatsoever Firstly, we don't have to worry about why.

Guru said so, that's enough. But if you look at it, it's got no compassion. Whereas Sikhi is all about compassion. And halal meat has got no compassion If you watch the videos on YouTube you can watch how they kill the cows, how they kill the camel how they kill the goats. They don't do jhatka Which is this way jhatka starts with the back and goes downwards. They start on the neck and go upwards. Where are all the pain senses? In the back, in the spinal cord. So we go from that way downwards, not we but the Nihang Singhs, they go through that way: Jhatka. They go this way to cause maximum pain. And they do this with small knife all the way up. How can we accept that? it's Bereham There's no Reham in there. So we don't touch that meat. If you can, stay away from it. WAHEGURU WAHEGURU.

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Why don't Sikhs eat Halal meat?

Q&A session following the talk at Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Gurdwara, Manchester - see "Sikhi in English" Playlist. Question was Why don't Sikhs eat Halal meat?

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