Why Is This New York’s Most POPULAR Street Food?

new york's most popular street food is the halal 
cart and today we're going to be visiting the   city's best reviewed halal trucks all in midtown 
manhattan to see if they're worth it now you   might be wondering what is halal it's an arabic 
word meaning permissible and it means it's meat   prepared by islamic law now typically new york 
halal consists of some combination of rice greens   and halal meat either in a foil dish or in 
a sandwich first stop royal grill halal food   four and a half stars on yelp if i could fly 
this man to california to live with me and   cook me food for the rest of my life i would i 
was in new york for about a week came here twice   once in the pouring rain and once in 
the freezing cold great food nice people   underrated huge portions chicken tikka is my 
go-to i'll come here whenever i'm in new york   way better than the overpriced halal guys chain 
food truck that charges 14 for a dry gyro wow   we've got some shots fired already on this video 
i didn't say it he said it let's check this out   got my food expert greg with me and one of the 
amazing things about the new york halal scene   is it's not all the same they all have their own 
personalities right absolutely royal girl's pretty   famous they want a vendi award which nominates the 
best street food vendors in the city and they're   known for their chicken tikka this is a really 
interesting delicious dish yeah one chicken tikka   i don't want to eat this this looks too pretty to 
eat this is like a work of art all those colors   so what do we got break this down for us pretty 
much everything but the kitchen sink here we have   the chicken chicken which is a very deep red color 
you have the white sauce which is like the yogurt   mayo sauce a little bit of the hot sauce the green 
sauce is like a mint chutney and also this mango   pickle which is a really kind of a secret thing 
you have to ask him for here now the owner is   from bangladesh it has that kind of bangladeshi 
flavor in this plate all right let's try it this tastes like something i would order at a nice 
bengali restaurant not on the side of the street   here in new york city wow that first bite that's 
a lot of flavor that's a lot of spices yeah very   punchy spice and we haven't gotten to the rice 
yet the rice here is also very special it's spicy   creamy you get that mango pickle that minty flavor 
the biryani flavor it's it's got it all over this   place dude i have to say it this might be the 
best rice i've ever had at a halal truck before   it's up there for me for sure would you say 
the halal cart in new york is like the taco   stand in la i would say yes i mean halal carts 
have really taken over new york i say in the   last 20 to 30 years it's overtaken the hot dog 
cart i would even say it's overtaking pizza   as the number one street food you know we want 
to say pizza is a street food but i'd say it's   definitely by far number one street food new york 
city i just have one problem with this this is   our first stop and i want to finish it right now 
that's the only problem i have with this this is   unreal it's absolutely tremendous i'm 
shocked there wasn't a longer line for this quick meal nyc 4.5 on google reviews new york's 
exquisite street car experience created by bengali   chef mohammad rahman former russian tea house chef 
the spices are delicate food is the best take your   tasty meal for a sunny afternoon at bryant park 
once in a lifetime experience as a native new   yorker halal carts have become a staple of my 
diet i've visited halal carts that are terrible   meh okay and unforgettable quick meal 
unforgettable best halal food i've ever had in   a while whenever i'm in the city i always come for 
quick meal perfect for vegetarians too and plenty   of fish options to choose from my vegetarian 
viewers i'm looking out for you guys too so quick   meal is a little bit more of a higher end halal 
cart the price may be a dollar two more but it's   for good reason the quality of the ingredients 
here so we're going to order the lamb over rice   here they actually use marinated pieces of lamb 
not the mince mystery meat stuff hello how are you compared to royal quick meal is a lot simpler and 
look most of the sauce is actually on the side   so if you're someone that doesn't like a ton of   sauce i think this could appeal 
to you all right let's do it this is a high quality lamb i can tell absolutely 
it doesn't have really bold punchy flavors no i   don't think it's meant to this one's meant to i 
think more showcase the quality of the ingredients   you know i would also i would love this like 
a gyro or a sandwich too yeah the white sauce   it's not even your classic white sauce this is 
definitely more yogurt it's more like a tzatziki   like a greek yogurt thicker has more of a yogurt 
i don't taste any mayonnaise yeah it's not like   a really strong flavor it's very different than 
your typical halal cart this is for like the true   meat eater someone that just wants that lamb 
you're gonna get your money's worth with this   i'll tell you what they actually have salmon here 
and it's shockingly very very good probably not   something you would normally think of ordering in 
new york city i typically know especially from a   cart but it's very good the quality here is next 
level what's amazing about today's video is that   everything here is right on avenue the america 
six dab in midtown so if you're a tourist watching   this is so easy to complete by yourself but 
if you want to go more off the eaton path   this guy offers new york's best food tour 
that do in the most delicious neighborhood   in new york city in queens of future and my 
favorite halal cart in all of new york city   is on that tour so if you want to taste 
my favorite overall halal cart and i've   been at a lot of them you come and take my 
tour i'll put the link in the description we're about to go try the famous halal guys and 
when a card is as famous as halal guys you have   a lot of imitators like this one the original 
guys don't go here if you want to try the halal   guys don't go here it's very confusing because 
they even use the same color scheme you can see   we found the original halal guys by the line the 
halal guys 4.4 on google best food in manhattan   at a great price you may need to line up and 
wait to order because all the locals do the same   and they know better than anyone oh my god 
this was excellent we got the beef gyro and the   combination platter loved every bite the white 
sauce was special guys were great at the card   loved it all right it's got the hype we've 
got the og of the halal scene in new york   city a lot of guys opened in 1990 and they 
were actually a hot dog cart originally by   three egyptian immigrants today they've got 
six locations in new york city 94 locations   worldwide with up to 400 more coming 
they may be coming to a mall near you we've actually returned to six and a half ave 
if you saw my 10 curious nyc secrets video   this may look familiar and it's a cool spot if 
you want a little hideaway to eat your halal guys   so this is something i don't really like about 
halal guys is they give you sauce packets i would   much rather they do it themselves because part of 
the experience yeah i mean they're very corporate   now at this point they have all the branding on 
it just want to look at this i say it really does   need the sauce the meat at first glance looks very 
dry i'll be honest guys my first time ever eating   halal guys i've been waiting years and years 
to try it here we are all right let's do it there's no flavor not chicken 
at all you know i don't   dislike the beef with the sauce with the 
white sauce and the red sauce it's not bad   i'm gonna try the chicken i think you're 
gonna like the beef a little bit more   yeah the beef is definitely better than a chicken 
on its own but not very good either chicken's   not really good you know i i was thinking of an 
analogy for this i'm not the biggest fan of joe's   pizza for the record but a lot of people want to 
go there just to say they've eaten there i would   say going to halal guys if it's on your new york 
city checklist go for it yeah but it tastes pretty   mediocre to me like it's not the worst i've ever 
had i just don't think it's worth waiting in a   super long line for it um this is a worldwide 
chain now even with the sauces it's still not   good it's very bland to me i don't like it i think 
it's maybe one of the most overrated foods in new   york city i would say a lot of guys maybe in 
the past it used to be better yeah sometimes   the places expand the quality goes down but i 
don't even know that i went here three years ago   and it tasted just like it did now so you are 
going to get consistency but not in a good way eb nice to meet you me too adele's 4.5 on google 
reviews my every week late night dinner currently   the best food in the city for me don't even 
think just go here it will be worth it normally   a typical time to place order stand in line 30 
minutes but definitely worth it they work really   fast you know that if there's a line at 11 pm it's 
got to be good and the line doesn't lie the guys   working were fast and efficient the chicken hero 
was delicious the chicken over rice quite tasty   same thing over the spicy rice makes it even 
better this is my favorite spot guys i will   say that up front this has always been my favorite 
and now greg's going to try it spend at least 40   minutes in this live wow it's insane it is 107 
people just waiting it was all the way down to   that that pink truck down there huh that is crazy 
adele's hasn't even opened yet and she wants to go   right before her flight right yeah so we 
have a flight at like eight o'clock it's   almost six now and there's a lot of stuff we gotta 
get it before we left so i wanna do the combo   platter spicy rice do you like some veggies 
some broccoli garlic yeah give us the works and this is about five pounds worth of food 
so let's start from the top they gave us   french fries they gave us falafel then we've 
got veggies including broccoli here we've got   a mix of chicken and lamb and if you can get to 
the bottom somehow someway we have their famous   spicy rice it's actually better to use a 
spoon but this is messy it's messy food that is good you know what it is for me i think 
they're they're white sauce it's the best white   sauce i've ever had in the city there's a reason 
for those long lines folks i'm telling you i can   see it it's good it's good i don't think it's good 
i just feel like the flavors for adele's are a   little bit more classical new york halal which is 
why i would personally put adele's in my top five   must visit food destinations in new york city oh 
i've got a bite of that spicy rice it's got a lot   of flavor i think it was kind of covered up out 
of meat it's growing on him this is very good i   would definitely come back ideally not at the end 
of that line though i say it every time but right   in front of us we have radio city musical such a 
cool new york city moment to even be here i think   the evolution of halal carts and how popular they 
become in new york is really a testament to the   diversity of new york because this was a food 
that was aimed at muslim taxi drivers and now   all new yorkers eat it many new yorkers will 
tell you this is their favorite street food   yeah and really something for everybody if you 
like chicken if you like lamb if you're vegetarian   you can even get it with falafel and quick meal 
you can even get fish and i do like that they   all bring their own kind of spices maybe depending 
on the background of the country you know egyptian   bangladesh pakistani wherever i appreciate that 
and i mean let's think of a new york pizza every   place has their own little take on him just like 
halal and i don't think halal gets enough love   from tourists no way more from locals if you 
like halawa you probably love greek food in   this video we see the city's best one of my 
favorite guides of the entire year check it out

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Why Is This New York’s Most POPULAR Street Food?

We eat at New York City's Best Halal Food Trucks to see why they're so popular?
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Best Halal Trucks NYC Visited:
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05:50- 3) The Halal Guys- Corner of 53rd and 6th Ave
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