Why You Should Try Halal Curry In Tokyo? | CoCo Ichibanya Akihabara

okay no the japanese weren't responsible for 
the first carry in india indians have been   growing and eating the spices that make up 
what we know as curry for thousands of years   interestingly though it wasn't the indians that 
brought curry to japan that was the british   after they adopted it from india but i digress 
because what the japanese did introduce to india   is coco ichibanya which is japan's most successful 
curry house chain with almost 1400 restaurants   across the nation and 180 international locations 
including the latest one in gurgaon india   and it is delicious take it from a curry 
connoisseur you better hold those inappropriate   comments aside from the unique taste perhaps 
the most interesting aspect of the restaurant   is being able to choose your own spice level 
not just your usual spicy or non-spicy options   but at kokuichi's you have the choice of 0-10 
with level 10 being 24 times hotter than level 1.   i don't know who was responsible for the 
calculations here but let me put it this   way if you eat a level 10 make sure you don't have 
anything to do the next day and probably the day   after that too great news for muslims too as they 
have 100 halal restaurants located in akihabara regular rice regular spice yeah and i'm 
gonna get extra toppings another ten minutes no level zero you want to kill me so there's a means amin's got zero 
in there let me take the mild version   correct and my one's got level three so the 
curry's the same but the spice levels made it red   really i dropped some levels man i jumped 
i can't handle it i was eating every week the rice is perfect i like japanese rice the 
spice level you can choose your own spice levels   it's amazing the chicken is great i mean there's 
there's enough options for you out there that you   can put cheese in the curry okay there's enough 
selection for me here to be happy every single   week and do you think how well like in the corner 
situation do you think it's like a little bit safe   now are they doing like you know this social 
distance and stuff like that yeah it's great   look what they've done yeah you know they never 
had this before you could just sit there and yeah   absolutely absolutely nice come along there's 
two of these kokuchis there's one in shinjuku   okay and there's one in akihabara we come to 
the one akihabara like i mean said there's   a mosque nearby so after prayer we just come 
here straight so definitely come along check   it out try out it's delicious great value for 
money amazing you're going to want to come back yes there you go so if you haven't tried 
one yet find your newest one and try it you

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Why You Should Try Halal Curry In Tokyo? | CoCo Ichibanya Akihabara

Why You Should Try Halal Curry In Tokyo? | CoCo Ichibanya Akihabara

Halal CoCo Ichibanya Restaurant Review (Shinjuku & Akihabara)

Japanese curry chain CoCo Ichibanya opened its first restaurant in Gurgaon, India, in August 2020, ambitiously hoping to tap into the country with the second-largest population globally and the original home of curry.

The curry chain is the most popular one in Japan, with over 1,400 restaurants nationwide and 180 in international locations (12 countries). There are also 100% halal versions in trendy tourist areas, Akihabara and Shinjuku.
CoCo Ichibanya is known for its trademark yellow and brown colors. However, the halal versions can be recognized by their green and white branding.

About CoCo Ichibanya
Established in 1978.
"CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA," known as "CoCoICHI," is a chain restaurant specializing in Japanese-style curry rice.
Many people enjoy making their very own CoCoICHI curry by customizing the rice portion, spice level, and optional toppings coming in nearly 40 varieties. Please enjoy our curry, which is very popular with the Japanese people!

How to order CoCoICHI's curry
Make your very own CoCoICHI curry by customizing the rice portion, spice level, and optional toppings!
Select a curry sauce
- Beef Curry
- CoCoICHI Vegetarian Curry
- Hashed Beef
- Others

Select the quantity of rice
The amount of sauce depends on the rice portion.
The standard rice portion is 300 grams.
You can add 100 grams more.

Select your spice level
Choose the spice level that suits you best!
Select your spice level from Mild to Level 10.
Mild Flavor
Spice Level 1-10
* The beef sauce and CoCoICHI vegetarian sauce cannot be ordered "mild."
* The taste of spiciness differs for individuals.

Select your level of mildness
Thick and mild sauce made of honey and fruits.
You can select sweetness levels from 1-5.
* Thick and Mild Sauce" includes honey. Please be careful not to give it to infants aged under 12 months.
* The perception of mildness differs from person to person.
* Mild flavor can be added to all curry items except Kids' curry and the Doria menus.

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