Wine Lovers Get Pranked With Fake Wine

– I've been training my whole life. – I just came for the free wine. (jaunty accordion music) – Love wine. I wouldn't say I'm an
expert but I drink a lot. – I used to be a big
Franzia guy in college. It's just the best bang for your buck, and it really appeals to
my cheap sensibilities. – I figured out what tannins
are and what they taste like, so I feel, like, pretty cool. – I think that, like, the harder you like, it's, like, the more expertise you are. – Oh yeah, smells pretty sweet, grapey. – Does smell like grapes. I'm picking that up, too.

– (laughs) Maybe it's made from grapes. – We've got refined palates, you and I. – Smells a little sweet. – Yeah. – I like that. – Oh!
– Oh my god. – No, no. – It's like, it's smoky. – That's straight-up, like, just juice. – That's grape juice. – Smells like a pinot grigio, I'd say. – That is so sweet. – It's extremely sweet. – Sugar. – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I feel like moscato's
the one where you're like, you drink it and you're like, "This doesn't taste like anything." – Maybe I'm– – And then the next morning,
you like can't feel your head.

– I'm getting a little warm. – I don't know that wine has ever made me
feel this way before. – God, one of these has more alcohol content than the other, huh? This one's sweeter. – Yeah, for sure sweeter. And that's where that sugar
compounding variable comes in, because it could be that
the alcohol is more masked by the sugar here and it
actually is more alcoholic. – Red wine, yeah.
– The red one, yeah. It just, like, I felt it
in, it was like (hums). You know, like, you
like felt it going down. – I say this one has more
and this one has less.

– Ready? One, two, three. – I'm gonna say that there's
no alcohol in either of these. – I'm gonna say, "Don't
(beep) with me like that." – They don't? Damn! – Man, I'm so not drunk.
– You tricked us! – Oh, shit! (laughter) Damn it! Oh, man. – I was starting to feel warm,
though, like I drank alcohol. – I didn't know that that was
even an option, to be fair. I thought she was going rogue. – Woah. – That's why they're so gross. – Yeah, that's why there
weren't any legs on the glass. I think if you've tasted wine before, like, real wine before in the past, this will not cut it
for you, unfortunately. – I don't really see the point. If I want a Juicy Juice, I'll
just drink a Juicy Juice. – I mean there are times like I go out and I wanna like have a fancy drink, but I don't actually wanna have alcohol, so it'd be nice if bars
had, like, a juice option.

So that I could feel
like I was participating. – I don't know, unless
you're like a child chef and you want to like pair
wine with your pasta, then I don't see, really, the application. But for alcoholics, it's tremendous, and, like, I won't badmouth it. – These are great starter wines for kids. – Yeah, really get kids
hooked on this first. Good and early. – I still want wine. You owe me a drink. – Yeah, seriously. (laughter).

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Wine Lovers Get Pranked With Fake Wine

This is a great starter wine for kids!

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