Winter melon candy|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes:【Beef recipes halal】冬瓜糖

Winter melon Winter melon how much is it 19 yuan This piece is good Eat big pieces of meat beef Hello everyone I'm Ari I made it with winter melon and beef today Add salt, soak for 1 hour Sugar lemon Sealed for 2 hours ginger shallot Pepper chuannai Winter melon Vegetable oil Chili powder chopped green onion Winter Melon Beef Soup Beef in clear soup Pan fried beef ribs Fragrant? Fragrant lime powder Add water Pour lime water into winter melon Soak for 6 hours 6 hours later lemon Sugar Sealed and refrigerated for 48 hours Winter melon candy Rose flower Dried winter melon The winter melon candy is ready, come eat You might like to eat this Dried winter melon is chewy This is crisp.

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Winter melon candy|Muslim Chinese Food | BEST Chinese halal food recipes:【Beef recipes halal】冬瓜糖

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【Winter melon candy】
Winter melon 1000g white sugar 500g
1 lemon 100g lime powder

1. Cut winter melon into square strips.
2. Soak lime powder in 1000ml of water and add it to winter melon. Soak for 2 hours. Rinse with clean water.
3. Slice lemon and add winter melon.
4. Add sugar and knead evenly. Seal and marinate for 48 hours.
5. Pour the marinated winter melon into the pot and boil the water to dry on low heat.
6. Fry slowly until sugar crystals appear on the surface of winter melon.
7. The sweet, crunchy and delicious winter melon candy is ready.

冬瓜1000g 白糖500g
檸檬1個 石灰粉100g



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