Zeitoons Persian Cuisine | Halal Foodie | #Iranian #Iran #PortMoody #Coquitlam #Vancouver #NorthVan

food is the ingredient that brings us together starting next week we'll be bringing you travel 
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you'll be notified when we upload on your   video thank you for joining us today we're going 
to be heading soon inside des and – this is a   Persian restaurant they're located in Port 
Moody just in the corner off ah I believe   it's called st. John's and Murray restaurant 
is extremely beautiful inside it's nice and   clean they also do catering for special 
events so they can provide the food items   straight from the menu for each individual or 
they can set up a buffet for your party so if   you have any questions for a special event 
just get in touch with them for more details the heart of a potentially goes to different kind 
of yoga get to different is with cucumber as well   as I think thought that maybe dries parsley 
and the other one is yogurt restaurant so   we have freshly baked bread somehow and salted 
butter and then some onion too hard out of 200   pieces I think rich creamy and you get that 
pink of fun partly they meaning some spices   very pleased if you'd like the first year it's 
really really flavorful a great way to start out get the cool secret matter or that the platter 
for eight degrees who keep it together steak   keep it as ground beef class you it's served 
with two things right so we got white rice   topped with sacrum and people having all 
of the right likewise quite a business when   HP how it is each grain is individually you 
can place it in flavorful with me as a lamb   chops you can see it's a work affection 
we had some charge people's on the side sorry that's dumb whatever chance they have a 
positive role it doesn't matter I didn't   think that's chicken it's not too much 
disaffected the right amount over all   you can eat it really well really gonna 
say the new on that sooner they can pop   up all the right if there's no way 
there's more little bit of salaries overall we had a great experience the 
staff were awesome the restaurant was   clean and the food was amazing so highly 
recommended that you guys check them out please don't forget to give it a thumbs up 
and if you have any suggestions for our next   video that we'll be making from rock or if 
you like us to make a certain video on any   specific food items from Morocco please don't 
forget to write it in the comment section below

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Zeitoons Persian Cuisine | Halal Foodie | #Iranian #Iran #PortMoody #Coquitlam #Vancouver #NorthVan

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Zeitoon Persian Cuisine has delicious food. They cater for special events and parties.

We tried their For 2 platter which included lamb chops, Steak, Chicken, and Ground Beef.

For detailed review please check out the video. Halal Food Vancouver

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